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Engineering Physicist Bobby McGehee's Book "New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics" explains how Red-Shift mis-interpretation led to Expansion Illusion and the non-provable Big Bang.

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This site provides overview and insight into McGehee's "New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics", a 'back to science and the facts' concept. The book promotes scientific thinking, dispels myth and postulations that are inconsistent with laws of physics. This theory will be recognized, acknowledged, and appreciated as you read the book.

Borrowing a term from Stephen Hawking, the universe is evolving in a 'NUT shell', but as explained in this book, it is an outward progressing spherical 'shell' chain reaction process that converts primordial matter made of the most elementary of particles (positroniums) into high energy gamma rays. These outward radiating electromagnetic rays coalesce into mass particles and into plasma flow, which under very high (99.99+ % of c) velocity enhanced gravity coalesces and fuses particles into the corporeal matter of the universe. Nuclide particles further fuse and decelerate, by conversion of linear momentum into angular/rotational mixing. The book explanation is easily understood and is more comprehensive as discussed by GrowthPop Reviews.

In due time, the entire astronomy community will understand and acknowledge this as the origin of the universe, and the NUT will become main stream.

Big bang believers have been reluctant to consider new concepts, because of peer pressure and they have not yet read and pondered this NUT. This new theory is totally consistent with the laws of physics, and the Big Bang is not. With the correct initial interpretation of observed data, myth, hypothetical forces, and other deviations from the laws of physics are not necessary.

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