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New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics

We need a theory that is scientific, (based only on fact and logic) consistent with the known and proven laws of physics, and is plausible.

Why we need a new theory

  • Matter creation by the BB violates the 1st law of thermodynamics:
    "Matter cannot be created or destroyed"

  • Recession of galaxies by acceleration violates Newton's Laws of Motion: "f = m a" (there is no force)

  • There are no energy sources to power the 'expanding' universe:
    "Expansion is an illusion" (from misinterpretation of Red-Shift)

  • Laws of physics based Shwarzschild Radius is defied by the BB:
    "Velocity cannot exceed the speed of light"

  • The BB provides no explanation for the huge amount of angular momentum throughout the Universe: Conservation of Momentum

  • Observation of faded white dwarfs in M4 proves the universe is older than the BB: "24+ billion years vs. 13.7 billion years"

Over the millennia, Physical Laws have been discovered and put in writing to explain observations and phenomena that have been proven, and can be reproved by experiment or observation, and can never be disproved. In addition, Laws of physics are universal; which means they apply at all times and places without limit. Concepts that are hypothesized and inconsistent with Laws of Physics are pseudoscience, myth, or simply postulations.

According to Google, there are over 74,000,000 articles that attempt to defend the current (infamous) BB, and over 14,200,000 articles on the internet that know there is a better idea. Most of the dissenting writers are competent scientific thinkers. According to the National Science Foundation survey, over 2/3rds of the American population do not believe the BB. The astronomy community should recognize something is wrong.

'Ann Druyan stated: "I don't like to learn based on faith… I want to base my understanding on knowing." We all know scientific knowledge is not based on faith. By definition, faith and belief do not rest on logical proof or material evidence, but knowledge does.'

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