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New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics

A few questions and astronomical mysteries addressed in the book by the NUT concept, all within the known laws of physics.

  1. The greater the distance, the more the galactic red-shift (faster receding velocity).
    How can this be deceleration, and how does deceleration occur?

  2. How does this New Theory explain and describe the missing mass of the universe? How is the missing (invisible) mass detected and measured?

  3. What is the real source of 'background radiation'?

  4. Why are Hubble numbers different in different directions and at greater distances?
    (At velocities > .5 c)

  5. How do we know primordial matter is arranged in hexahedron crystalline lattice geometry?

  6. What is the origin of primordial matter from which 'deflagration front' produced particles (neutrons, protons) are transformed?

  7. Why can we never see the 'deflagration front'?

  8. Everything in the universe is spinning, rotating, and orbiting. What is the source of the gargantuan amount of angular momentum? (See Reference 1)

  9. What happens when the primordial matter supply is expended?

  10. What initiated the 'chain reacting' deflagration front?

  11. What is the most distant an object can ever be observable by using any technology?

  12. How can we determine where, and how long ago, the universe originated?

  13. Why there have never been any Population III stars observed.

  14. The origin of the Universe did not happen. It is happening!

  15. Why and how can globular clusters be several billions of years older than their host galaxy?

  16. How do we know we are not at the center of the universe?

The ego of mankind has always in the past put us at the "center".

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