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New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics

Angular momentum is rampant at all levels throughout the universe. Fluid viscosity in free space is the gravitational attraction (adhesion and cohesion) between all sizes of particles.

Reconsidering the original red-shift observations made in 1912 by V.M. Slipher at Lowell Observatory (who was the 1st to put a spectrometer on a telescope); The three possible explanations for his observation of higher red shift for the more distant the galaxy, are either (a) accelerations, (b) traveling at steady speeds, or (c) decelerations. Acceleration appears obvious but that is a superficial answer, which was assumed and proclaimed by Hubble in the 1920s. But that could only be a misinterpretation, because if Basic Laws of Physics are respected, the only possible scientific conclusion is the galaxies are decelerating. There are no forces for acceleration, but deceleration occurs in all free fluid flows as linear momentum is absorbed into vorticity and mixing (angular momentum).

From what are galaxies decelerating?
No two coalescing objects, colliding or near colliding, meet center-of-gravity to center-of-gravity precisely head-on. Therefore some of their linear momentum is consumed into angular momentum.

The answer came from in-depth pondering with understanding of fluid flow, elementary particle and nuclear physics, thermodynamics, kinetic theory gas, supersonics, hypersonics, analogous flame front combustion processes, statics, dynamics, relativity, mass and energy relationships, and most importantly no compromising from the Laws of Physics. My education and engineering-physics aero-space career provided the background. After development of the new theory, I felt compelled to describe it in writing to share. Several everyday analogies are used in the book to assure the logic and rational are easily understood by all levels of technical backgrounds.

From the initial declaration by Hubble that the Universe is expanding, there have been several reasons why it has been obvious that we need a New Universe Theory. The Big Bang concept violates several Laws of Physics, yet these laws are known to be universal. Now is the time for us to adapt a 'Laws of Physics' feasible theory, and not wait for our descendants in a future generation to do the job. This book could be our paradigm.

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