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New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics

All components of this new theory include only physical phenomena and elementary particle combinations which are well known to physicists.

This new concept necessarily includes a few assumptions, and all must be and are feasible and plausible within the Laws of Physics. The assumed primordial matter and the physical geometry, is the simplest possible combination of particles known to the physics community and therefore are thought to be the most likely true pre-universe primordial matter and it's geometry. The new concept is based on a new view of the Doppler red-shift observations and other proven facts and phenomena. This book' "The New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics" is written for all levels of technical background.

The upper right triangular portion of the book cover depicts the three stages of the New Universe Theory. The hexahedron lattice symbolizes primordial matter, which pre-exists the universe. The area in the central circle (sphere) represents the total growing universe. It uses a picture of a small region of the universe as photographed by NASA in 2002 [1] through the Hubble telescope. The gold band (spherical) circle, represents the 2½ billion light year thick 'deflagration front'; this is the chain reaction and elementary particle transition process that is progressing outward at, or almost at, the speed of light through primordial matter. It converts primordial matter into more corporeal matter as it and more space are added to the universe. The book explains and defines primordial matter, and three sub-stages of the transition zone which is the 'front'. The universe includes all observable regions and all observations, including the 'background radiation'.


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