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New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics

The 'Time-Line Bar Chart' shows the universe has existed for a time longer than ~30 billion years. Proof, the 13.7 billion year old BB cannot be valid.

The universe is much older than the BB which can only be 13.7 billion years old as calculated from reverse extrapolation [4] of the expansion illusion. In the year 2001, a team of astronomers and astrophysicists, using the Hubble telescope, found that the dimmer (but still visible) white dwarfs in M4 are at least 13 billion years old. Note the time increments between milestones, all of which are individually supported by various astronomers and astrophysicists. (See References)

Notes: All of the time line data above the universe's time bar correlates with to the oldest White Dwarf Stars in the M4 globular cluster, which orbits our Milky Way galaxy. It is currently at a distance of ~6000 light years from us. The four time bars below the universe's time bar pertain to the Milky Way galaxy and our Solar system. All of the time increments above and below the line are inseparably related.

The total existence for human beings is less than the width of the black mark above the 'today' arrow. It has only been for a blink of the eye in overall universe time. All human consciousness, knowledge, mythical illusions, and creativity have taken place in the time represented by the width of that black line! When will our existence cease? It is within our potential to perpetuate our acquired knowledge beyond the existence of humans and the life of our planet!

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