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New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics

Astronomy Graduate Schools start with indoctrination of students describing the Big Bang, as if it was above and beyond challenge.

We have to expect for some time to come the current generation astronomy community will cling to the non-provable BB concept. They and we have been accepting statements about astronomy while recognizing many of the claims are based on postulations and 'faith'; not proven facts.

...Why? Maybe it is because there has not been available, until now, a plausible explanation that is totally 'consistent with the laws of physics'? As a result Astronomers and Astrophysicists now have a lot of BB baggage that hinders their release of past postulations. I have confidence that their scientific character will, in due time, win-out.

The book; "New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics" contains over 300 pages of easy to read explanations including over 40 figures, graphs, and tables, to enhance the comprehension for readers of all technical levels. Included are several analogies. Equations are avoided or relegated to the appendix as they are not essential for enjoying and understanding the new concept.

The Milestone Bar Chart included in this web-site was not included in the book text. Why?

I missed the opportunity to get this theory in writing in time for famous scientifically credible astronomer-scientists who would not accept the BB: Sir Fred Hoyle, Sir Thomas Gold, and Grote Reber. I still had a chance to get it published in time for Sir Hermann Bondi, first chairman of the ESO (European Space Organization). Due to his advancing age, I closed off the text writing early to get it in print in time for him to revel. I received the first printed copy September 1, 2005. It was packaged and shipped promptly, but to my dismay, about six weeks later, it was returned by mail with a note stating it was "undeliverable for reason addressee deceased". I was later notified he died on September 10.

...So sad.

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