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New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics

Bobby McGehee

Author's Credentials and Qualifications to develop this New Theory with the known Laws of Physics.

Since early childhood I have been curious, inquiring, and skeptical about phenomena and explanations that rely on myth, mystery, magic, or pseudoscience. Astronomy has always been intriguing, but many 'accepted' explanations defy scientific facts and logic. Much archaic myth has been dispelled in astronomy, but there are still many concepts of recent decades which defy logic and the laws of physics. Those concepts were conceived because; from before the beginning of graduate school, student astronomers and student astrophysicists were taught the BB concept is valid, and these otherwise intelligent individuals are construing new explanations to comply with what they were taught.

I am 78 years old retired career engineering physicist. After Enid HS I served in the military, then attended Oklahoma State University, qualifying for 3 degrees; Engineering-Physics, Physics, and Secondary Education. During my 5th year, while taking graduate courses, I taught basic college physics. Following a 32 year aero-space career I returned to college for three years, to study Geology, Astronomy, and a refresher in Chemistry.

I have since read extensively about recent discoveries. I am a past board member of the NW/AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), and I am currently a member of the AAAS (American Association for Advancement of Science), AAPT (American Association of Physics Teachers), ASP (Astronomical Society of the Pacific), and other organizations including local engineer and amateur astronomy clubs.

For many years I have pondered scientific discrepancies of the Big Bang theory. The "New Universe Theory with Laws of Physics" (NUT) was developed after NASA included on their APOD web site [1] the findings which prove the cool-down time for the dimmest, still observable, white dwarf stars in the M4 globular cluster have required at least 13 billion years [2]. White Dwarf stars are the remnants of small, .9 to 1.44 Sol mass stars [3] which fuse hydrogen for as many as 10 billion years. Then they became 'Red Giant' stars to shrug off the outer layers of mass, and then they became white dwarfs with ~1/2 the mass of Sol and at about the diameter of earth. More massive stars (> 1.44 Sol) end their life as Neutron Stars, Quark Stars, or Black Holes.

This clearly demonstrates that some, if not most, faded White Dwarf star's ages add up to > 24 + billion years. Also, the universe existed for at least 2 star forming/fusion-lives/supernova generations before the M4 white dwarf progenitors. Yet, by the Big Bang backers own logic the BB can only be 13.7 billion years old [4]. The Universe had to have started several billion years earlier. (See Universe -- Milestone Chart)

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